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1 day ago · 2. causing idleness or indolence. a hot, lazy afternoon. 3. slow-moving; sluggish. a lazy stream. 4. (of a livestock brand) placed on its side instead of upright. intransitive verb. .

Laze definition: to idle or lounge lazily (often followed by around). See examples of LAZE used in a sentence.Synonyms of 'lazy' in British English. lazy. Explore 'lazy' in the dictionary. lazy. 1 (adjective) in the sense of idle. Definition. not inclined to work or exert oneself. I was too lazy to learn how to read music. Synonyms. idle. I've never met such an idle bunch of workers! inactive.Lazy definition: . See examples of LAZY used in a sentence.

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Find 13 different ways to say BE-LAZY, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Synonyms for Lazy Employees (other words and phrases for Lazy Employees). Synonyms for Lazy employees. 37 other terms for lazy employees- words and phrases with similar meaning. Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. sentences. thesaurus. words. phrases. Parts of speech. nouns. suggest new. apathetic employees. n.Slovo „lazy“ v slovenskom synonymickom slovníku na Obsah slovníka je chránený autorským zákonom. Prepis, šírenie či ďaľšie sprístupnenie obsahu alebo jeho časti verejnosti, a to akýmkoľvek spôsobom, je bez predchádzajúceho súhlasu uvedených autorov zakázané.

Synonyms for Lazy Dog (other words and phrases for Lazy Dog). Synonyms for Lazy dog. 20 other terms for lazy dog- words and phrases with similar meaning. Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. sentences. thesaurus. words. phrases. Parts of speech. nouns. suggest new. do-nothing. good-for-nothing dog. n. lazybones. slothful tail. n. slouch ...Are you tired of using the same words over and over again in your writing? Do you feel like your vocabulary is limited, and you want to expand it? Look no further. Before we delve ...lazy bugger translation in English - English Reverso dictionary, see also 'lay, lazybones, laze, lacy', examples, definition, conjugationA lack of trash receptacles, improper environmental education, laziness and insufficient consequences are cited as the main causes of littering. Environment About defines littering...

Corner cabinets can be a challenging space to utilize efficiently in your kitchen. However, by installing a Lazy Susan, you can transform that hard-to-reach corner into a functiona...Find 4 different ways to say LAZY-BUM, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at ….

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Synonyms and related words for lazy from OneLook Thesaurus, a powerful English thesaurus and brainstorming tool that lets you describe what you're looking for in plain terms. ... Like a traditional thesaurus, you can use it to find synonyms and antonyms, but it's far more flexible. Describe what you're looking for with a single word, a few ...Use of In your daily life, for writing an email, a text, an essay, if you want to avoid repetitions or find the opposite meaning of a word. This site allows you to find in one place, all the synonyms and antonyms of the English language. is more than 70,800 synonyms and 47,200 antonyms available.Synonyms for SLACK: lazy, careless, neglectful, neglecting, negligent, lax, derelict, reckless; Antonyms of SLACK: careful, conscientious, attentive, cautious ...

Synonyms for SELFISH: egotistical, egoistical, egocentric, narcissistic, self-centered, self-absorbed, egoistic, self-interested; Antonyms of SELFISH: unselfish ...24 Lazy synonyms that start with letter M. What are similar words for Lazy starting with M? Filtred list of synonyms for Lazy is here. Random . Synonyms for Lazy Synonyms starting with letter M. motionless . moderate . mild . mosey . moony . moratory . measured . malinger . mothballed . meek . meager . moving . mistakable . merciful . modest .

shoe stoes near me Find synonyms and antonyms of lazy, a word that means not easily aroused to action or work, or not giving proper care and attention. Learn the difference between lazy and related words like indolent and slothful, and see examples of usage and related words. Synonyms for LAZE: lazy, lounge, relax, chill, stroll, bum, loll, idle; Antonyms of LAZE: work, slave, toil, plod, sweat, hustle, grind, plow dha payment standards 2023local mugshots Synonyms for INDOLENT: lazy, idle, slothful, sleepy, shiftless, dull, apathetic, quiescent; Antonyms of INDOLENT: industrious, ambitious, zealous, diligent ... nearest theater near me The closest I can think of is LANGUOR, defined (also) as 'a relaxed comfortable feeling'. I also do not think LAZY is altogether a negative word, having regularly come across 'lazy elegance' to describe Inzamam ul-Haq (Pak cricketer). hang ten appareltexasroadhouse menugeisinger careers Lazy Synonyms. Lazy Antonyms. Definitions of Lazy. 800K terms | 31M synonyms | 4.5M antonyms | 300K definitions . Random word . Find Definitions, Similar or Opposite ... redding reloading dies Find synonyms of lazy in American and British English, such as idle, inactive, indolent, slack, slothful, slow, workshy, lethargic, drowsy, and more. See …active , stimulated , energetic , diligent , industrious , assiduous. 2 (Adjektiv) in the sense of lethargic. Definition. moving in a sluggish manner. We would have a lazy lunch and then lie on the beach in the sun. Synonyme. lethargic. languorous. slow-moving. what time do tj maxx closecostco vineyard road edison nj6abc Are you looking for a comfortable and convenient way to enjoy your next lazy day adventure? If so, an RV may be just what you need. With an RV, you can travel in style and comfort ...